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July 2017 flooding event
The HL is at the highest level yet seen due to the exceptional rainfall event. See photos in the Photo Gallery.

Scotia Street causeway upgrade

All the causeways have now been upgraded thanks to a donation from the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board, and the limechip provided at a reduced cost from East Otago Engineering. The physical labour was provided by men completing their community hours. A great effort, thank you everyone.


Information to come..

Project Funding

How we are funded and how you can help.. More >>

We have a further supply of our popular Derek Onley Illustrated Tea Towels, if you would like to purchase one contact Julie Gemmell phone 465 7664. They sold out very quickly last time. 
Cost is a reasonable $15.

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Hawksbury Lagoon History

Main Points 


 1838 Colonial settlement 
 1866 Imported Black swans seen on the lagoon 
 1868 Ngai Tahu guaranteed a fishing reserve
 1870 Waikouaiti residents agitating for land for a race course to be built
 1875 Survey for a railway undertaken, to skirt upper part of the lagoon
 1881 Work to begin on draining the lagoon in sections  - work to begin on the upper portion
 1889 500 Brown Trout liberated in the lagoon
 1892 First Arbour Day – school children planted 500 trees on the bank on the east side of the lagoon.
 1901 Work begun to deepen the channel to drain all the water from the lagoon
 1902 A white heron was seen on the lagoon
 1953 Now identified as a Wildlife Refuge
 1972 Culverts were installed
 1984 Waikouaiti sewerage scheme completed
 1995 Local Maori regain fishing rights – Treaty of Waitangi settlement
 1999 Establishment of the East Otago Taiapure